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We Will Beat or Match Any Quote

Finding the right practice to have your hair transplant done can be stressful. Some people have the anxiety of medical procedures, for others it can be a huge financial decision, but in the end, all people want to feel safe and comfortable with the doctor and practice performing their procedure. You shouldn’t feel like you are going to a car dealership to get your hair back. We are now making it possible to have a practice that not only cares about you as a patient, but also one that wants to give  you the best value for your dollar.

Have you already had a consultation at other practices and felt like you were sitting down with a used car salesman, only worried about his commission at the end of the month?  Unfortunately, that’s becoming more of a trend. One thing is for certain, we’re sure they gave you a quote. Bring it to us. We will beat it. We  want to show the world how experienced and talented our team is and deliver REAL results and satisfaction. Our procedures and staff speak for themselves.

With that said, we welcome you to contact us today via the web by clicking here,  or by giving us a call at 866-439-1431.  We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the DiStefano family.

*Quotes must be realistic and from a legitimate practice.

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