Myth – Busters: Hair Loss Restoration Edition

Over the years, so many different hair loss misconceptions have been passed around, that some people began to take them as fact. The hair loss restoration experts at Distefano Centers for hair loss restoration decided to put an end to these myths. Did any of these fool you?

High Levels of Testosterone Can Cause Hair Loss
It is not testosterone that causes hair loss. The cause of hair loss is actually the follicle’s sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone and natural compound of testosterone that causes hair follicles to shrink. You inherit the sensitivity to DHT. So the testosterone itself is not the reason for hair loss, rather the sensitivity to a component in testosterone.

Stress Can Cause Hair Loss
Ever heard the phrase “you are making me lose my hair”? Normal levels of everyday stress from work, school, etc. will not make you lose your hair. Your head naturally loses a certain amount of hair each day. However, when an extreme increase in the stress hormone occurs, due to tragedies, childbirth, or car accidents, hair loss may result.

More Hair Loss Occurs in the Winter
Contradictory to popular belief, it may actually be the opposite; you typically lose the least amount of hair during the winter. Humans are much like animals in the sense that we shed more hair in the hot summer heat and keep more hair in the winter to stay warm. Dry scalps and dry hair may result from frigid air, but proper hair maintenance (think conditioner!) should do the trick.

If you think hair loss restoration is right for you, contact Dr. DiStefano at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center to consult with a hair loss restoration expert.