Micro pigmentation: For some, it’s the hair replacement solution when surgery is not and option.

Boston, August 18- DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers (www.hairman.com) is now performing medical micro pigmentation. While the vast majority of DiStefano patients are good candidates for hair transplant surgery, there are those where surgery is not an option. This might be due to alopecia or other medical conditions where most or even all hair has been lost so there is no viable area where hair can be harvested for replacement. In these cases, patients can opt for the micro pigmentation process, where microscopic “dots” of pigmentation are injected just under the scalp. Done in a natural pattern, with up to five different pigments, micro pigmentation can be used to create the appearance of a natural, closely cropped scalp.

To a person with a full head of hair, this may not seem like a great alternative, but for someone who has absolutely no hair, it helps to restore confidence as well as improved self-esteem because micro pigmentation makes the scalp appear normal, although closely shaved.

For patient’s experiencing male pattern baldness and who already wear their hair close cropped, medical micro pigmentation can be used to fill in the balding areas. This gives a more youthful appearance because the hairline is completely restored. The cost of micro pigmentation is also much lower than traditional surgery.

Medical micro pigmentation is also used to cover scarring that may be present from previous hair transplant surgery. Medical micro pigmentation is also widely used to hide burn scars, birthmarks and general scarring where hair would normally grow. For men and women who have diffuse hair loss or have a thinning scalp, micro pigmentation can be used to darken the scalp, making the area look fuller and thicker.

For more information about medical micro pigmentation and its many uses, visit www.hairman.com.

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