Mentoring to help make the best hair transplant surgeons around the globe.

Many know that Dr. Mark DiStefano is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in New England. What you might not know is that many of the best hair transplant surgeons around the globe are coming to Dr. DiStefano to learn his techniques and procedures. To date, he has mentored physicians from Dubai and Italy, to Israel and Ireland. In the U.S, physicians from Texas, Illinois, New York, California and Vermont have all studied with Dr. DiStefano. Dr. DiStefano is also a clinical instructor at UMASS medical school. At Harvard Medical International, he is a consultant in hair- loss restoration training.

Dr. DiStefano has also created some notable breakthroughs in surgical procedures and devices to make sure patients get the best hair transplant possible. His latest device is called Instaré, which allows surgeons to make dozens of micro-surgical incisions simultaneously at precisely the same spacing, angle and depth to accept the donor hair follicles. The Instaré device allows the surgeon to place follicles closer together for greater hair density. It also speeds the process so more follicles can be transplanted per session.

Research, training and discovery are as much a part of DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers as the hair loss restoration treatments our physicians perform every day. It’s the best way to ensure that our patients get the best hair transplantprocedures possible. Here, and around the world.