Men Putting Themselves At-Risk at Unlicensed Clinics Abroad

Earlier last month, the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) released a consumer alert warning of the increasing numbers of unlicensed individuals performing hair restoration surgery worldwide.

Patients that are desperate for cheap hair transplants are travelling to Turkey and India to have procedures done. Many men often return to the US requiring further surgery to repair the damage that these unlicensed practices have caused.

Turkey boasts having over 500 hair transplant clinics across the country but it is believed that 60% of those clinics are operating illegally. Medical tourism isn’t a new thing but it is shocking to find so many clinics offering poor transplants that are being performed by reckless and unqualified surgeons.

It is important that you do your research before your procedure. Research the clinic, the surgeon and ask to speak with previous patients that have had the same procedure as you.

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