L’Oreal Working on 3D Printed Hair Follicles

The large cosmetics firm has partnered with Poietis, a French bioprinting company, to research and develop a new technology for 3D printed hair follicles that grow hair! Currently, tissue engineering techniques are limited but the two companies believe they can come up with a process to bioprint a hair follicle.

The new technology uses laser assisted bioprinting tech to create biological tissue that can hold cells with extremely high cellular resolution and cellular viability. The laser sends a stream of cells into the biological tissue which is covered in nutrients to help the cells grow.

By doing this, scientist believe they can grow something similar to a hair follicle. Although there is a lot more work to do in recreating skin’s oil-secreting and sweat glands, this is a strong step in the right direction to creating a reliable, regrow-able, hair follicle.