Laser devices and hair loss restoration. Do they work? Yes. but consult with the best hair transplant doctor to find out more.

There is clinical evidence that, when used properly, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) can help limit hair loss. The FDA cleared LLLT as a treatment for hair loss several years ago.  Today, LLLT can be done in a doctor’s office or with the use of portable devices in the form of a handheld comb, a wand, or a laser cap

Even the best hair transplant doctor is not sure why LLLT works. There is speculation that LLLT increases blood flow to the follicle which may promote hair growth. There is also the possibility that the LLLT tricks the hair from going from its “resting” phase to its “growth” phase (something that happens periodically to all hair on the scalp. Scientists do know that the laser light is painless and does not damage the skin, though the laser waves penetrate several layers deep.

The success of LLLT in hair loss restoration varies from patient to patient. Generally patients are in the early stages of hair loss see better results, with patients reporting that their hair feels thicker and fuller.

DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers offer in-office laser treatments at its Worcester MA and Warwick RI locations. All DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers offer the Hair Max Laser Comb and Laser Cap for home use.

Before deciding whether low level laser treatment is right for you, be sure to talk to the best hair transplant doctor you can find.