It’s Never Too Late for Hair Transplant Surgery

No matter where you are on a hair loss journey, chances are you can successfully undergo a treatment plan to restore not only your hair, but your confidence, too.


Male pattern baldness can start as early as adolescence. As a rule, the earlier you begin to lose it, the more hair loss you will experience. Most doctors, however, caution against undergoing hair restoration surgery too early since hair loss patterns are often difficult to predict.

During a consultation, we will examine your scalp, the density of your hair, the amount of donor hair available, and discuss factors such as family history of baldness, your medical history, and any other factors that might be contributing to your hair loss.

Hair follicles that are still active are a good sign of eligibility for hair restoration. However, even if you are completely bald, there are options available to you. Some individuals are candidates for the transplantation of body hair or coarser beard hair.


During hair transplant surgery, a trained, board certified doctor surgically grafts hair to a patient’s scalp to create a natural looking “finished product.” And while the results are often life changing, it’s important to have realistic expectations when considering hair restoration options. For example, the result for a balding man in his 60s will likely differ from what a man in his 40s with a receding hairline might experience.

Lots of questions, right? Well, the surgical team at DiStefano Hair Restoration has the answers you want and need to move ahead with confidence and realistic expectations. We’ll also help you explore your transplant options.

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