Is a AMAP mega hair loss restoration session right for you?

20 years ago, hair loss restoration was done one follicular unit transplant at a time, and 120 total grafts was considered typical. Now, doctors regularly do AMAP sessions (it means “as many as possible”). How many is that? In these mega sessions, it is routine to do 4,500 follicular unit transplant grafts in eight hours time.

“We can do so many more follicular unit transplant grafts now because we have gotten much better at it. The recipient holes are also smaller so we can pack follicular unit transplant grafts in tighter and still have great viability,” DiStefano explains.

When it comes to hair loss restoration, there are several advantages to getting an AMAP hair transplant. For example, if you have extensive hair loss an AMAP session can get you a fuller head of hair much sooner. And, generally, a single AMAP session costs less than multi-sessions when the cost-per-follicle transplant is considered. There is also less scarring because more follicles can be used from a single strip of scalp, rather than the additional strip required with each multi-session. Finally, the overall yield of successful follicular unit transplant grafts in an AMAP sessions have shown to be higher than in multi-sessions.