If you’re looking for a great hair transplant, DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers offers real difference from the chain centers

Boston, December 12 – DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers (www.hairman.com) wants you to know that there are real and tangible differences when it comes to great hair transplant outcomes at a chain hair transplant center and DiStefano.

“Google hair transplant CT, hair transplant MA, or hair transplant RI and you’ll see DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers”, says Steve Matteo, a hair loss consultant with the DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers. “You’ll also see many of the chain centers,” he noted.

But there are clear differences between DiStefano and the chains. “We are not a national chain,” Matteo says. “We only use surgeons affiliated with major Boston teaching hospitals and the same surgeons and technicians work at each of our centers.”

That’s an important difference, according to Matteo. Studies show that the technicians who divide hair follicles under a stereo microscope and place them in the recipient areas made by the doctor are critical to the viability of each follicle. The longer a team of technicians work together, and with the surgeon, the higher the rate of viability, which means a higher likelihood of a great hair transplant. Studies also show that technicians at the major chains tend to move around from location to location or leave for other work more often. At DiStefano, many technicians began their careers at the center more than a decade ago.

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About DiStefano and a hair transplant MA, hair transplant RI or a hair transplant CT.

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