How to Care for Thinning Hair

Several factors can lead to thinning hair. Heredity, certain medications, chemotherapy, illness, and high levels of stress all can take their toll on a full head of hair at varying rates of speed.

Overuse of harsh chemicals is another contributing factor, potentially causing hair to break while giving the appearance of hair loss.

And given all that, you can help protect your hair, add volume, and prevent further loss by following these helpful words of advice.


If, along with your striking green eyes, you inherited your father’s tendency for hair loss, but your hair otherwise is healthy, permanent or semi-permanent color might give you the body and volume your desire. Semi-permanent color does not contain peroxide or ammonia so it will not damage hair. If you have fine-textured hair, have the color professionally applied by a colorist with specialized skill and experience.

Volumizing Products

Look for volumizing products that will add volume without weighing hair down or damaging it. For example, apply a mousse at the root area for support, then blow dry the root area while applying gentle tension with a brush. Spray with a light finishing spray for hold. At the same time, avoid volumizing products that contain paraffin which can cause build-up and breakage.

Shampoo and Condition When Needed

Frequent washing strips hair of its natural oils and can cause the scalp to dry out. Protect your hair by washing it only as needed. For some, that might be just twice a week. Fine-textured hair does get dirtier faster and can benefit from more frequent washing. Just be sure to use a good quality shampoo and volume-boosting conditioner.

Find the Right Style

Blow-drying while applying gentle pressure with a round brush can add much-needed volume to fine, limp, or thinning hair. Just be sure to use a diffuser attachment to avoid putting heat directly onto the hair. Overuse of heat styling products can cause damage and breakage, so choose a hairstyle that doesn’t require such tools or chemical products. If you must blow dry, curl, or use a flat iron, give your hair a break a couple times a week. Your hair will thank you for it.

And yet, what if your hair continues thinning anyway and no amount of “helpful hints” can stem the tide? That’s when it’s time to contact DiStefano Hair Restoration Center for a free consultation on how best to give you that full head of hair we know you want.