How Dyeing Your Hair Can Impact Hair Loss

You’ve heard of the proverbial two-edged sword, where there’s one edge that’s perfectly harmless while the other can cause serious damage?  Well, here’s yet another case in point: can dyeing hair lead to hair loss?

Harmless side of the sword: dyeing your hair every few months won’t inhibit hair growth because the dye can reach beneath the scalp.  Score one for the good guys.

Potentially harmful side: Dyeing or coloring your hair can cause hair loss. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

During the dyeing process, hair is often combed and rubbed, which can loosen hairs in the telogen – or resting – phase and cause increased shedding. In fact, any physical stress on hair, such as over-brushing, frequent use of hot styling products, and even tight ponytails can cause hair to loosen and break.

The second reason is the hair dye itself, which contains hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Both ingredients are harsh on hair and can cause it to shed at what might seem like an alarming rate.

And third, hair dye can physically weaken hair shafts by disrupting the protein backbone, which leads to increased breakage and – you guessed it – hair loss. Hair dyes that significantly lighten hair from its natural color contain the highest amounts of peroxide and, therefore, are the most disruptive. During this coloring process, peroxide removes the eumelanin pigment from the hair shaft and replaces it with light colors.

Those who switch to blonde rom brunette may notice a need for less frequent haircuts and complain that their hair just doesn’t grow. The reason for this is that the distal end of the hair shafts is the oldest and causes the most disruption.

And now for a bit of good news.  If you experience significant hair loss for going lighter, the loss of hair is temporary, and it will grow back. Another plus: avoid hair loss in the first place by choosing darker colors which contain lesser amount of ammonia.

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