Hassle Free Hair Loss Restoration

Getting a great hair transplant can change your life! Increased confidence and a more youthful appearance are only two of the many perks that come along with getting hair loss restoration…but what about all the questions that come with it too? Our top hair transplant surgeons have answered all of your most popular questions about getting procedures done at DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers.

How painful is it to get the best hair transplant?
Our patients can tell you that hair transplants are nothing to be nervous about! A topical anesthetic applied to the scalp assures that the hair loss restoration procedure is effectively pain free. In the first few days following the procedure, most patients find that Tylenol is a sufficient pain reliever if discomfort occurs.

Can I remain awake during a hair loss restoration procedure?
Of course! Our patients are fully alert and awake during our procedures. Hair transplants require the use of local anesthetic which is mild and allows for the patient to relax and watch TV.

Approximately how long does the procedure take?
A great hair transplant can take around four to seven hours depending on the size and extent of the session.

How long will it be until I see results?
Hair transplant results will be different for everyone of course, but for the majority of patients, half of the hair will be visible around three months. About 75% will exit the scalp at six months and the final results can be viewed at one year to fifteen months.

Deciding to finally get a great hair transplant doesn’t have to be a nerve wracking decision! At DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers, we offer simple, yet extremely safe and effective hair loss restoration procedures. Explore your options with us today! Read more here.