Hair Transplant Massachusetts? — DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers has you covered.

For those looking for hair transplant Massachusetts center, DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers is pleased to be able to offer two hair transplant MA locations.

One is located at 10 Winthrop St. in Worcester. In Wellesley, there is a brand new state- of-the-art DiStefano hair transplant MA center located at 40 Walnut St.

These two hair transplant MA centers have the latest technology and equipment and are staffed by hair loss restoration surgeon Dr. Christian Heinis and his staff. Dr. Heinis is affiliated with major teaching hospitals in Boston.

As with all DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers, both these hair transplant Massachusetts Centers offer Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and DiStefano’s exclusive Individual Graft Technique (IGT™). Similar to the Follicular Unit Extraction used by other hair loss restoration surgeons, DiStefano’s IGT method utilizes specially designed microsurgical tools to help promote follicular viability when grafted into place.

You can also choose from DiStefano’s complete line of hair care and hair maintenance products, including laser caps and combs, as well as shampoo and other items.

For a limited time, you can win a free laser cap to treat thinning hair just by filling out a form online. Just visit, fill out the form and you will automatically be entered to win the cap.

When appropriate and prescribed by a physician, you can also receive prescriptions for finasteride (Propecia).

As with all DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers, the hair transplant Massachusetts centers offer a free consultation. To set up your free consultation, call 800.785.4247.