Hair Styles that Have Come and Gone

Style and design trends come and go. Some types may have disappeared for years of even decades, and then suddenly come back in vogue. Others manage to stand the test of the time, even with a tweak or two. And then there are styles and trends that, once gone, remain gone. You know, like 8-track music players.

Hair is also subject to the vagaries of style – either they catch or don’t. Even if they do, how about their staying power?  You see, while hair style, cut, and color are personal choices that should be made free of outside influence, we’ve all seen, and perhaps even sported, hair trends that now make us cringe.

Here are 5 trends we hope don’t make a come-back.

The Man Bun – This is a more recent addition to the list of “worst hair styles.” Yet not all are quite ready to bid it farewell and continue to sport it proudly. While the world allows others to decide whether this style should become a thing of the past, one thing is certain – the man bun can lead to traction alopecia, a condition that causes baldness. By placing hair in a bun, especially a tight one, traction is placed on hair follicles, thus damaging them and resulting in hair loss.

The Perm – Decades ago, countless women turned to perms to add body and fullness to their hair. And while most did accomplish that, they often resulted in the “big hair” trend we all knew and loved, but don’t want to come back. The perm is alive and well to this day, with a softer, more modern twist.

The Mullet – How often do you find a hair style with its own motto? This “business in the front, party in the back” look became all the rage in the 1980s. Today, it’s thought of as one of the worse hair styles in history.

The Feathered ‘Do – Another blast from the past, feathered hair gained popularity in the 70s and early 80s. Most everyone, men and women alike, wanted Farrah Fawcett’s feathered locks. Designed for straight hair, the style consisted of layered hair with either a side or center part. It would then be brushed back at the sides, like the feathers of a bird. Wear it now, and you’ll look like a blast from the past. And yet, if you long for a softer look – well, that’s what stylists are for.

The Bowl Cut – First known as the “wedge” and made famous by Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill, the bowl cut has to be one of the worst hair styles in history. Don’t look for it to make a comeback any time soon.

One thing all hair styles have in common – dated and otherwise – is, well, hair. If you’ve lost much of yours, chances are you can do something about it. To find out, simply contact DiStefano Hair Restoration Center today to schedule your free consultation.