Healthy Hair Resolutions

Resolve to Keep Your Hair Healthy

There’s something about the New Year that makes you resolve to achieve one or more goals not just for yourself, but others. Maybe you don’t need the advent of January 1 to take flight with new habits, nor should you. A fresh start can be undertaken whenever you’re ready to make the commitment.

Take your head of hair for example. If you’re unhappy with the direction it’s been taking, wondering if there’s anything you can yourself to improve the situation, or if professional help is the way to go, you’re in a whole lot of good company.

So, start the New Year right – or tomorrow, or next week, or whenever – by engaging in the following remedies for men and women alike.

  • Get regular haircuts. Establishing and maintaining a haircut regimen will help keep split ends and breakage to a minimum while promoting healthy hair.
  • Go au natural! Allow your hair to rest from heat styling, tight ponytails, and styling products every now and then.
  • Give your scalp a little TLC. Don’t ignore that dry itchy scalp. It could be caused by something as simple as the wrong shampoo or a sign of a more serious problem.
  • Feed your hair from the inside out. Hair is a non-essential tissue, meaning your body sends vital nutrients to other parts of your body first, like the heart and liver. So, if your diet lacks protein, iron, and other vitamins and minerals, these deficiencies will certainly impact hair health.
  • Deep condition weekly. Add a weekly deep conditioning treatment to your hair care routine to provide extra hydration.
  • Protect your hair with a hat. Just like a hat helps protect your face from the sun, it also protects your hair and scalp.
  • Wash with warm water, not hot. Hot water dries out your skin, hair, and scalp, and makes color wash out faster.
  • Leave your hair alone. Constantly touching your hair causes unnecessary traction, which can traumatize hair and even cause it to thin over time. The same goes for excess brushing or combing, which can stretch hair and weaken ends.
  • Adjust hair products with the weather. Certain products are better for different seasons. For example, in the colder months, you may want to focus on moisture and hydration, while wanting something lighter that won’t weigh your hair down in the warmer months.

If you’re tried all this and other home remedies with no positive results, and you’re losing hair or concerned you might, take the next logical step and contact DiStefano Hair Restoration Center for a free consultation. You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish for your improved appearance and uplift in self-confidence.