Hair Loss Restoration Maintenance

Congratulations on your completed, or soon to be, hair loss restoration! You are one step closer to full, beautiful hair. Now that you have invested in having a hair loss restoration procedure, you’ll want to help move that growth along (or maintain what you have in the meantime). While there are many treatments available that “claim” they can preserve your thinning hair or work with your transplant, there’s really only one that treatment that has been proven to do so.

The Lasercap LCPRO is a low-level laser therapy cap that stimulates hair follicles. Low level laser therapy has been found to stop or slow hair loss in roughly 90% of patients, and has been found to stimulate regrowth in about 50%. This cap requires no extra effort, and doesn’t require medications or extra surgery. The Lasercap LCPRO has 224 laser diodes built into the inside of a cap insert that fits nicely on the entire head. The best part is that you can use it in combination with other hair loss restoration treatments, such as a hair transplant. To start getting results, simply wear the cap several times a week in 30 minute intervals. Utilize low-level laser therapy while sitting at your desk, doing work around the house, or driving to work in the morning; It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Dr.DiStefano is a select hair loss restoration surgeon that is licensed to distribute the Lasercap LCPRO. Call DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers to make an appointment to see if this hair loss restoration maintenance treatment is right for you.