Hair Loss Restoration and Your Age: Why Does It Matter?

hair loss restorationShould you consider undergoing a hair loss restoration procedure as soon as you notice that your hair is thinning out? Well, if you are still under 25, it will be a lot better if you will wait a few more years before getting a hair transplant. Here’s why.

Hair Loss Restoration – Why Wait?

Most men normally start losing their hair by the time they reach their 50th birthday. However, it is also very much possible for some people to start losing hair during their late teens. In fact, about 25% of all the men in their 20’s are already experiencing noticeable hair loss.

Losing one’s hair at such an early age can come as a shock and have a tremendous emotional and psychological impact in their lives. In an effort to solve this problem, some may opt to have a hair transplant surgery done to regain not just their hair, but their confidence as well.

However, having a hair loss restoration procedure too early in life may cause even more damage in the long run. You need to understand that hair loss is a life-long process and having a surgery this early may leave you with not enough hair to use for subsequent operations. What if you end up with bald bits and isolated patches of hair or a hairy temple and a bald forehead? How else would you solve the problem if the hair in your donor area has already been depleted?

Hair Loss in Younger Men – The Right Move

Instead of undergoing a hair loss restoration procedure, the best thing for you to do is to consult an ISHRS-certified hair restoration specialist who can help you learn why you are losing your hair at such an early age and help you determine the best course of action to solve your problem.

To find the best solution for your hair problems, schedule an appointment with the DiStefano Hair Restoration Center.

Common Hair Transplant Myths

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