Hair Loss Remedies of the Past

While many reliable hair loss restoration techniques have only been discovered in the last century, the issue of hair loss itself has been plaguing our heads for thousands of years. Before follicular unit transplants, grafting, and platelet rich plasma therapy, some rather interesting hair loss restoration procedures and ointments existed.

Ancient Egyptian concoctions included crocodile and snake fats mixed with boiled porcupine hair. Slap that on your scalp for a few days and BAM – nothing happens. Sounds like the best hair restoration process, huh? In ancient Greece they tried to grow hair by making a similar paste, adding Opium and pigeon droppings to the mix. In England, cold tea and lemons were rubbed on scalps in attempt to reverse the effects of balding. After countless strange homemade potions, the 20th century brought bizarre new procedures and devices. Ever heard of the thermocap device? Simply sit under some blue light and heat for 20 minutes a day to magically stimulate those dormant follicles! What about the machine that uses suction to somehow spur hair growth? The top hair transplant surgeons can’t help but get a kick out of that one.

Everything from comb overs and toupees to laurel wreaths have been used in attempt to cover up hair loss over the years. Luckily, for us, doctors and scientists began experimenting in the mid 1900’s with what we now refer to as hair transplants. This is a form of hair loss restoration that actually works, and now yields natural looking results. No one wants to put questionable animal concoctions on their heads, and our top hair transplant surgeons don’t want you to either. Come in and explore our realistic options that yield real results!