Hair Facts

People with hair loss often tend to focus on getting the best hair transplant or finding the best hair transplant doctor. But it also pays to learn the facts and separate truth from fiction.

  • Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania have identified a growth factor called Fgf9. When damaged, hairless skin on mice was treated with Fgf9 and it doubled the number of hair follicles at the site. Further research will be needed to determine whether Fgf9 could be used as a cure for male pattern baldness. Right now the only true cure is to find the best hair transplant doctor you can and have donor hair brought from the back of your scalp and moved to the front and sides.
  • You may have heard that the genes for hair loss come only from the mother’s side of the family. But the truth is that you can inherit hair loss from either the mother or father’s side.
  • It is not true that hair loss often stops when people get older. Once you start losing hair, the process tends to continue and never stops.
  • Hair loss is not just a problem among men. More than 30% of women experience hair thinning and hair loss during their lifetime. Like men, they can benefit from finding the best hair transplant doctor and getting the best hair transplant they can.
  • Because it’s a slow process–with hair follicles that progressively make hair thinner and thinner until it stops growing all together–male pattern baldness is not indicated by seeing hairs in the shower or bathtub or in a brush or comb. If you are, in fact, losing your hair, it pays to find the best hair transplant doctor possible and getting the best hair transplant you can as soon as you can. Hair transplantation will restore the areas that are missing hair, while a treatment such as Propecia (Finasteride) can help you keep the hair you still have.

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