Hair DensityWhat is it and Why is it Important for Hair Loss Restoration?

Hair density is the ratio of follicular units on your head per square centimeter. This density can vary among different races and individuals (For example, members of the African race typically have the lowest density, while Caucasians tend to have the highest hair density). So, why should you care? The key to great hair transplants (aside from choosing the top hair transplant surgeons) is making them look natural. Working with your natural hair density, and placing follicular units close together based on your natural pattern is imperative!

Dr.Distefano developed his own innovative blades and cutting devices that allow for customization (size, angle, and depth) based on hair density for each individual transplant. Utilizing these tools increases the survival rate of follicles! Along with race and original hair density, hair color and skin color also factor into your transplant procedure. As a general rule of thumb, 50% of the scalps original density should yield natural results, however for some patients this same look may occur at 30 or 40 follicles/square centimeter.

To explore your hair density, come into DiStefano Hair Restoration Center for a consultation! Top hair transplant surgeon, Dr.Distefano, will work with you to find the hair density that is perfect for your procedure.