Brennan WardBrennan Ward
18:08 08 May 23
Going to Distefano Hair Restoration is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I was on the fence about getting this done for a long time. If you are like me, and you are self conscious about your hair line, just go. You won’t regret it.
11:30 23 Apr 23
I’m on day 3 after a transplant and this is already the best decision of my life. I’ve had a bad hairline ever since I was 15 and it was very tough seeing everyone else as a kid with full heads of hair. Refusing to go to beach days with friends, waterparks, and anything really over the years involving my hair I tried to always avoid. I’m 22 now and I just had enough. My life will be back thanks to this amazing place. If you’re reading this, you’re possibly in a similar situation and it hurts your self confidence as well. Just visit the team here and get it done! Lawrence was awesome and answered any questions I had over the last 2 years... prior to my procedure this April. Very respectful/ honest guy, and my whole family felt comfortable that I was in good hands. We saw the doctor Chris as well that day and he made us laugh right away. Really genuine people. Fast forward to 3 days ago, it was an 8 hour almost PAINLESS procedure that I’d do again in a heartbeat. Everyone was so confident operating on me and they always assured me I’m doing great. They provide lunch as well, probably the best chicken parm sub I’ve ever had 😂 After coming home, any time I have a question they get back to me right away, even after hours which is very comforting. I’m so glad I decided to do this, and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress and being able to enjoy my 20’s. Thank you Dr Distefano!read more
Mary SmithMary Smith
19:44 15 Apr 23
I felt so comfortable and at home the minute I walked into the beautiful office of the DiStefano hair restoration center on Lincoln St in Worcester. The entire team was so welcoming and my consultant was amazing. Dr. Chris Heinis is a real professional and changed my life forever! For anyone out there thinking about hair restoration DiStefano should be your number one pick! Thank you so very much.
Michael SmithMichael Smith
23:16 14 Apr 23
Dr. Heinis and staff. I can't express how happy I am with the results of my procedure. I have been very self conscious about my lack of hair for so many years. The procedure has really taken well and I look forward to the future with a new sense of confidence. Thanks you so much to you and your wonderful staff!
Bill DansereauBill Dansereau
11:35 19 Mar 23
Pictures, Pictures, on the walls, what will you cost me after all?In 2016 I had a FUE (strip method) hair transplant from Leonard Hair. When you first enter you see all the celebrity pictures on the wall. The staff and office personnel were great, the experience was great, I had 1500 grafts from my brow area back, at a cost of $8,000.In 2016, a family member went to DiStefano Hair, had a similar procedure, 1500 grafts a cost 0f $5,550. WOWIn 2023, I need another procedure, visited Leonard again and was told that I could not do what I wanted in 1 visit, I had to choose an area at a cost of $12,000.I visited DiStefano Hair, was told... that they could do what I wanted, 2100-2500 grafts, at a cost of $8,995 plus $335for Post-op care supplies and medicines. I had the procedure, the experience and staff were amazing, and I couldn't be happier.So those pictures on the wall added $3,000.You decide where and how to spend your more
Sharon LecuyerSharon Lecuyer
16:30 04 Nov 22
Having been to a couple of different hair restoration doctors, I’ve found that the team at DiStefano is by far the best. Dr. Heinis and crew are incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, superbly kind and supportive, and fun to be around! Highly recommend!
John LesterJohn Lester
10:31 04 Oct 22
Great day with Dr. Chris, Bonnie, Beth, and Dianne. Overall, I'm thoroughly delighted with the experience aside from then required numbing (hey no pain ... no gain). The nurses are absolutely fantastic each with 15 to 27 years of experience. This was a difficult decision to which I'm glad to have made. I chose to growth the FUE method.The day starts with the harvesting process, followed by lunch, then Dr. Chris lays out the hair implantation locations, and finally the nurses conduct the hair implantation. As expected, it will take months to see the results to which I'm excited to anticipate. I highly recommend DeStefano if your... considering improving your appearance with a hair more
Dino MattiaDino Mattia
23:44 13 Sep 22
I can't say enough about how great my experience was. The Doctor put me at ease and answered all of my questions. Betty, Bonnie and Diane were absolutely amazing gentle, kind and so unbelievably professional and excellent at their work. I truly felt like I was surrounded by my family. The best.
Solomon ratan rajSolomon ratan raj
02:57 09 Sep 22
Best place to get a Hair transplant and Dr. Chris and staff will make you comfortable and will answer all the questions you's been a month that I had my hair transplant of 2500 grafts...when ever I had a question after the transplant Dr Chris is just a message away and he answered all my concerns.Thank you Bonnie, Beth and Laura 💐💐💐these Beautiful Ladies are the ones that worked on the extraction and transplant of my Grafts and they are awesome at their job...Currently am at the shock loss period and need to wait 2 more months to see any results...Thank you all for a wonderful experience... 🙏🙏🙏read more
Javid AzadzoiJavid Azadzoi
16:07 15 Aug 22
I waited a year to write this review. I can’t be any happier with my results and the staff. Chris is not just a doctor with years and years of experience, he’s an artist. My results are amazing, I’m going back for round two next month for more density.The staff is also great to work with. My sales consultant Lawrence guided me through the entire process step by step with detailed and informative material. The pre op and post op nurses were amazing! They were super friendly, patient, and focused on getting me great results.Don’t bother going anywhere else if you’re in New England! This is by far the best experience I had after visiting... and conducting 8 rounds of consultations with other more
Gina KennedyGina Kennedy
17:45 11 Jun 22
This is something I've wanted to do for years and I'm so glad I did and even more so going to DiStefano Hair Restoration. DiStefano has been around for years and they are local to me and that was important. Dr. Chris is wonderful but I have to speak about the women and men who put it all together. Lawrence was my first contact doing my consult in the Newton office. Being a trans-woman it's hard not feeling like I'm being judged by people. Lawrence made me feel so comfortable and what was important to me was important to him, my hair. The day of my proceeder I arrived and was welcomed and it seems everybody was ready to get right down to work... very professional. After taking care of some paperwork the team went to work for around seven and a half hours really working non-stop. We chatted and they worked I felt like I was hanging out with my friends. I may have dosed off a few times! I am writing this three days post-op and I can't stop smiling. Thank you so much for being so wonderful at what you do so more
John CardinaliJohn Cardinali
21:31 09 Jun 22
If you’re in New a England and looking for hair restoration, I’d highly recommend the folks at DiStefano! They have a super friendly and highly skilled staff that keeps you comfortable throughout. These procedures are pretty pricey, and results aren’t fully seen until over a year - so I’m withholding the fifth star for now. Cost aside, I was pleased with the practice from consultation through the two day procedure. What’s not to like about a place that treats you like family and gives you lunch too?!?!?
abe sadovalabe sadoval
02:00 06 Nov 22
I had my scalp micropigmentation 1 year ago and the result is incredibly amazing I'm so happy with it I recommend everyone to get it at distefano hair clinic.Lawrence Fulgieri is a very talented and professional and scalp micropigmentacion artist thank so much
Linda CLinda C
03:26 18 Aug 22
Dr, Heinis and Lawrence responded quickly to any concerns I had.I will be recommending them to any friends who are interested in hair restoration.
Sarah PSarah P
03:21 07 Jan 22
What a fantastic experience. To get straight to the point. The doctor knows his stuff, the consultants are sales guys, and the upper management is incredible. Don’t forget about the techs! The girls are amazing. They now have helped give 3 men in my family their hair back. The “negative” reviews seem to be from disgruntled individuals who either never even went to this practice or are just lying. Dr Heinis response to my texts instantly at almost any hour of the day. To the guy stating he was ignored and tried calling and emailing constantly. Stop trying to slander this business. You are probably just a plant for a competitor. Get a... life.DiStefano Hair. Thank you again! What a fantastic team and group of more
Patrick ArmyPatrick Army
21:25 17 Apr 21
I came in with concerns of thinning in my hairline and crown and met with Dr. Heinis and he was very helpful with where to start. He suggested I start with finasteride and I have been taking it for almost 2 years now and have had great results. My hair has since stopped thinning and has even had some growth return in both areas. Definitely recommend Dr. Heinis for any hair loss/thinning concerns
Justin MJustin M
12:54 31 Mar 21
I've been to DiStefano for both transplant and micro scalp pigmentation procedures, I cant say enough good things about this office. Lawrence, who set everything up, was amazing. Very informative, answered every question and concern. Lawrence did the MSP himself, was extremely thorough and patience with the procedure and allowed me to come back for a touch up. The doctors and staff who handled the transplant were also great, the results exceeded my expectations. I have a referred a few people to this office who all have had just as good results as i did. Prices are very fair. If this is something you're interested in call and speak with... Lawrence, he will answer all your questions honestly and there is no pressure for you to make any decision until you're more
Mike RMike R
04:47 13 Mar 21
I had high hopes for getting the results I was looking for with this company but ended up being quite disappointed. Not very clear or transparent and the doctor doesn’t make himself very available. After I had voiced displeasure with my results they didn’t seem to want to hear it. They will certainly take your money tho no problems there. I would advise you to be skeptical and be sure you are getting what you want here because they won’t.
Joseph BravocoJoseph Bravoco
18:21 28 Dec 18
Excellent experience overall. Mike walked me through the entire process and thoroughly answered all of my questions, both before and after my procedure. Dr. DiStefano and his staff are top-notch and I would recommend them to anyone interested in getting their hair back.
Michael BlaisMichael Blais
20:57 05 Dec 22
Great Experience, the staff was well knowledge. Mike and Chris were fantastic. I would highly recommend!!
Alec BironAlec Biron
02:07 05 Jan 22
DiStrfano Hair Restoration provided me the chance to launch a hair regrowth journey that I never thought would be possible. While I’ve always been open about my hair loss, I spent the last 5 years of my life worrying as I watched my hairline recede further and further. The worst of it all was that I’m currently only 26 and quickly realized Rogaine alone wasn’t going to solve my problems. I began researching hair restoration centers in the area and found DiStefano as a provider that has existed for nearly a few decades now. Lawrence Fulgieri met with me as their consultant, assessed my hair loss, and discussed any and all options ranging from... prescribed finasteride to topical solutions. I felt comfortable and no one ever pushed me into the choice to go for a transplant, which ultimately became my final decision. At Distefano, pricing works based on how many follicles will be extracted. I decided to go with the FUE process as I prefer to wear my hair short and wanted minimal to no scarring. Today is Day 10 following my procedure and the hair is already growing quick on the back of my head where donor follicles were removed, with the front healing nicely. Dr. Heinis, with 10 years of hair restoration under his belt, was professional, calm, and humorous, making the 8 hour surgery easy to go through. His technicians: Diane, Julia, and Brie deserve mention as they extracted and “planted” the new follicles with the utmost care and attention to detail for my new hairline. The staff were exceptionally kind and comforting, taking note that I was nervous on the day of the procedure. At this point, all we have to do is wait and watch the results that form over a year! I will posting updated photos as the year goes on. My post-operative package included an anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, shampoo, conditioner, skin cleanser, gauze. Surgical brushes, saline spray, and a thorough information guide. Doctor Heinis made himself available for text or call with any questions or concerns that more
Nikoleta BreguNikoleta Bregu
02:37 22 Nov 21
The best hair restoration in New England with the best Dr. and all his staff.My 12 year old son was loosing hair and brought him to the dermatologist. He put him on topical which didn’t help. Started injections on scalp , my son didn’t reacted that well. As a desperate mother I started looking for hair restoration centers around my area. Came across Di Stefano restoration. I called them and a very pleasant lady transferred me directly to Dr.Heinis voicemail. Couldn’t believe an hour later Dr. Heinis called me. Never happened that you talk directly to the doctor. The first thing he asked me if biopsy was done , which dermatologist never... mention it. After the biopsy he diagnosed my son with alopecia areata and Dr.Heinis came up with treatment.I can’t believe there are still people in this world with big heart that care about each other, not just greedy for money. This is Dr Heinis , willing to help my son with this issue without thinking about money.Everyone is thankful on this thanksgiving for something or somebody. My family is thankful for Dr Heinis, the best caring doctor with all his wonderful staff. We can’t thank you enough Dr. Heinis, you are the best .I would recommend this place to anyone that’s looking for more
04:34 27 Jul 20
Could not be happier. I have had 3 procedures done here over the past 10 years and have had phenomenal results. The staff is friendly and professional and the Doctors are A+. I refer them to everyone i know that is considering hair restoration.
Kawal ChaddaKawal Chadda
03:34 22 Apr 17
A great set up with awesome results guaranteed ! All the best....
Mark SmithMark Smith
02:45 05 Feb 21
First off, Mike is awesome. I have not yet decided to move forward with any products or services, but when I do decide, I have full confidence in the information Mike provided to me. He's very personable, answered every question I had with complete confidence, which is a plus for me. He answered the questions I hadn't even thought of yet lol.When my time comes I'll definitely come here and Mike is a big part of that reason.
Robert KowalskiRobert Kowalski
00:47 15 Jan 21
I am a repeat Client at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center. I wanted to take a moment an let people know that the experience has been excellent. The staff and Dr. were very professional but also very personable and looked after every need that I had. They made the entire experience worth it in every aspect. I would like to give major credit to Mike Khouri, who had taken the time to explain all the options and provided great follow up after the procedure. Anyone considering Hair restoration will not be disappointed with DiStefano.
Warwick 2021Warwick 2021
00:00 18 Dec 20
Mike Khouri is the consultant for this practice. Excellent guy. I used this doctor's services because I trusted Mike. He really wanted me to understand the process, be educated and comfortable with him and the procedure, and DiStefano. He wanted to get the best results for me and not just "sell" me the most expensive procedure. The ladies in that office are also fun and they did a great job. Doctor was responsive and you can tell that he knows how to put a good team together. Great bunch of people. Overall, I was very happy with the results.
Anthony PesareAnthony Pesare
15:47 12 Dec 20
Mike Khouri is the consummate professional. I made two on-line request for a call from DiStefano and another hair restoration practice on a Saturday. I didn't expect to hear from anyone till Monday, but Mike called me two hours after I submitted the request. The other practice called me on Monday but I had already made up my mind after talking to Mike. He has been with me every step of the way during this extraordinary process. If personalized service is important to you call DiStefano.
Chris FerrieriChris Ferrieri
15:51 10 Dec 20
First off, I would like to start by expressing my reason to go NOWHERE else for hair restoration treatments! My recent consult with Mike Khouri was very interesting, on how he handled his knowledge of hair restoration. He was up front and HONEST, and he wasn't just trying to make a sale. I went there having had hair loss from cancer/chemo/radiation treatments . He said my hair wasn't thick enough for the treatment they have ,and explained why, and I was satisfied with his outcome..So for now BALD IS safe
david greatdavid great
14:37 01 Oct 20
My personal experience at Distefano hair Restoration has been extremely life changing and beneficial. From the beginning working with Mike Khouri the whole procedure was explained throughly with lots of information and he was always helpful checking in and making sure everything went smooth. The surgical techs Gina and Dianne we're both friendly and funny making the procedure as relaxing as possible. Dr. Chris Heinis was upfront and professional and did an amazing job! Would recommend to anyone who would like to have work done. Schedule your consultation and get great results!
Alfred LassenAlfred Lassen
09:57 12 May 23
Very pleased! Thank you so much Dr. Heinis!
Lee SinLee Sin
04:12 05 Dec 22
professional and attentive staff. really helped me out
Jim MurphyJim Murphy
04:16 04 Dec 22
Had a great visit here and would highly recommend. Mike and the rest of the staff were great.
Luke FultonLuke Fulton
03:44 04 Dec 22
Had my most recent transplant done here by Dr. Chris Heinis and team. I previously had a great result to frontal zone and crown, but wanted to add some more density up front(personal choice). Dr. Heinis was able to perform the procedure while leaving my hair long in front in order to conceal the procedure for a wedding I needed to attend in 2 weeks. Healing time was fast and all post surgery guidelines were followed by me. I believe this was key to having a great result every time. The result has been nothing but natural, and everyone has been complementing on how good it looks.Thanks Dr. Heinis and staff!
mack bolandmack boland
02:28 04 Dec 22
Highly do not recommend for male hair transplant. Great staff but i did not get a good result. research other doctors likeDr. Gary Linkov, Dr Amiya Prasad and DR Scott Boden. I will have to repair the hair transplant that was done here
vishnu mahendarvishnu mahendar
21:09 01 Sep 21
First Response:I booked online appointment. Mr John Bonica is the person, I met in zoom . He is such an amazing person . Explained the details clearly. Answered all my queries in very professional way. I felt really comfortable talking with Mr John. Thank You !
Justin ShawJustin Shaw
03:04 13 Apr 21
Professional, informative, supportive are three simple words to start off regarding all of the employees from the techs, to admin, to the doctors!!! I choose to go to the Worcester office after reading up on reviews like this one. I would like to give a special thank you to Lawrence, Beth, Bonnie, and Dr. Heinis. Each step of the process was effortless and comforting. All of the employees I encountered were beyond qualified for their jobs. I wanted to fix my struggling hairline for about ten years and when I finally made the call to get info I wish I did ten years ago. Financing getting my confidence back was simpler then I ever expected.... Overall, I just want to give a big thank you to the whole team at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center. I will definitely recommend a call to just explore options to more
Jim TedescoJim Tedesco
19:29 01 Feb 20
Exceptional consult. Answered all my questions, got a great price, and the staff was amazing. Could not recommend this place enough. They were very honest and upfront about expectations and told me what I would need to get where i wanted to be regarding my hair loss.