Getting the best hair transplant possible is still the only cure for male pattern baldness

The actual science behind the cause of hair loss is not well understood. While it is known that male pattern baldness (also called androgenic alopecia) is caused by the hormone DHT, it is not know specifically what DHT does to cause hair loss in genetically predisposed males.

Not knowing the precise cause of male pattern baldness opens the door to sham cures and treatments, false claims and a whole host of procedures that can actually cause harm. To date, the only permanent treatment for male pattern baldness is to get the best hair transplant surgery possible. There are only two medicines that are FDA approved to slow the growth of thinning hair. One is available by prescription Finasteride (Propecia) and one is available over the counter: Minoxidil.

It has also been showed that laser light at specific wavelengths has a beneficial effect on hair growth. For this reason DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers offers in-office laser treatments, a laser cap and a laser comb, both of which can be used at home.

People spend billions of dollars on hair loss “treatments” every year. Most have no known positive effect on growing new hair or maintaining existing hair. The important thing to remember is that using a prescription drug like Finasteride, an OTC like Minoxidil, or laser treatments are the only known methods to grow or maintain thinning hair, while getting the best hair transplant possible is the only permanent cure for male pattern baldness.