Getting the best hair transplant means qualifying your hair restoration surgeon.

Any time you are having surgery it is very important to determine the credentials, skills and abilities of the surgeon. Normally, you would only consider having surgery from a board certified surgeon in his or her specialty. Unfortunately, there is no board that certifies a hair restoration surgeon. This makes it especially important that you vet any potential hair restoration surgeon in order to get the best hair transplant and one that is done safely.

But where to start? Start with the website of the hair restoration surgeon you are considering. Read their bio. A good hair restoration surgeon was undoubtedly a good surgeon in another specialty before starting hair restoration. All surgeons are trained in the same basic skills needed to perform surgery. It’s important that any hair restoration surgeon have these skills.

A highly skilled hair restoration surgeon will have done hundreds, or even thousands of successful hair transplants. He or she should have dozens of patients who will be willing to talk to you about the procedure and the results that were achieved.

It’s also smart to check one of the many online MD websites such as These sites will detail the doctors specialty areas, whether they have had any sanctions from a governing body, or if there has been any malpractice litigation.

It’s also very important to remember that the best hair transplant surgery requires a skilled team of technicians who do the highly refined work of dissecting the hair follicles under a microscope. The longer the team has worked together, the better the outcome because more follicles are likely to survive the procedure.

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