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Dr. DiStefanoAre you looking for a qualified surgeon for hair transplant in Boston who can give you the most natural-looking results ever? Well, look no further. Dr. Mark DiStefano is all you need!

Why Dr. DiStefano?


Dr. Mark DiStefano has been at the forefront of the hair transplant industry for more than 18 years and has performed more than 8,000 successful hair transplant procedures to date. Dr. DiStefano has been doing well in his career as an ER and surgery specialist before he even decided to establish a career in hair transplantation technology.


Realizing that he needed more than his surgical expertise to give his clients the service they deserve, Dr. DiStefano decided to train under Dr. Dow Stough, one of the leading authorities in the field of hair transplant and aesthetics. He also trained under Dr. Patrick Frechet, the developer of revolutionary hair transplant surgical techniques such as the double, triple and quadruple Frechet flap. He then made several small changes to the Frechet Triple Flap to reduce post-operative discomfort and developed his very own Total Crown Renewal technique.

Membership in Medical Organizations

Dr. DiStefano has joined the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and has been elected to the Board of Directors for the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery & International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS/IBHRS). In addition, he is also an esteemed member of the American Hair Loss Society and the World Hair Society, and an active volunteer in ISHRS’s Operation Restore Program, a pro-bono program designed to help eligible patients obtain hair restoration services.

Aside from his extensive experience and numerous credentials, Dr. Mark DiStefano understands the severe emotional impact that may result from hair loss. As such, he makes sure that each of his patients will get the most natural-looking hair transplant they can ever imagine.

By entrusting your hair problems to Dr. DiStefano, you can be sure that no one will notice that you’ve had a hair transplant surgery. And this makes Dr. DiStefano the best surgeon for hair transplant in Boston.

Let Dr. Mark DiStefano take care of all your hair problems. Please call us at 1(888)609-4247 or use this online form to schedule a free professional consultation with the best hair transplant surgeon in Boston.

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DiStefano Hair Restoration Center is committed to helping men and women take charge of their appearance and self-esteem through hair restoration options. For more than 16 years, DiStefano has been at the forefront of the hair transplantation industry, and has performed more than 5,000 successful hair transplant procedures.