FUT Hair Transplant in Massachusetts: Why Should You Consider It?

FUT optionsShould you consider an FUT hair transplant? How does it differ from the FUE technique and what are the major advantages of choosing this option? To learn more about FUT hair transplant and to determine if it will best serve your needs, here are some things you definitely need to know.

FUT Hair Transplant 101 – What You Need to Know About It

FUT and FUE only differ in the way the follicular units are harvested prior to transplantation. While FUT requires the extraction of a strip of the scalp from the donor area, FUE involves the extraction of individual hair follicles with the use of specialized micro-instruments. As such, FUT may leave a thin linear scar where the scalp tissue was extracted while FUE leaves tiny white dots where the hair follicles were harvested.

Advantages of Choosing the FUT Hair Transplant Option

Despite the fact that FUT leaves a thin linear scar, a lot of people still consider it to be the better option. Why is this so? Here are some reasons that make it the better choice:

  • It maximizes the growth of transplanted hair. FUT ensures that the hair follicles are kept intact during the entire procedure. By reducing damage to the hair follicles, there is a greater chance that the transplanted hairs will thrive more naturally.
  • It produces a more natural hair appearance. Transplanting hair in naturally-occurring units produces a more natural hair growth pattern.
  • It protects the donor supply. A larger number of grafts can be harvested in a single FUT session. This allows your surgeon to cover more balding areas and reduces the need for subsequent hair transplant procedures in the immediate future.
  • It is considerably cheaper. FUT is not as labor-intensive as compared to FUE and this can translate to a significant difference in the cost of the procedure.

By choosing the FUT hair transplant option, you can be sure that you will get natural-looking hair while protecting your donor supply for possible future use. And since it is considerably a lot less expensive as compared to the other option, you can save a lot of your hard-earned dollars in the process.

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