For Beauty and for….Protection?

As you watch your thinning hair spiral down the shower drain, do you ever wonder why it is there in the first place? Why do we grow long hair on our heads, and shorter hair above our eyes? It’s all about protecting the body.

Ask any top hair transplant surgeon and they can tell you why we went from being hairy all over to just having thick locks on the tops of our heads. It comes down to defense and how we evolved. Having hair on the tops of our heads protect our scalps from sun burn and weather exposure. It is also there to shield against minor cuts. This head hair restricts the loss of our natural body heat in the cold months, and keeps us cool during the summer. Hair is very important to our body’s natural defense system, that’s why getting the best hair transplant is so important. The best hair transplant doctors understand that hair loss restoration has aesthetic importance, as well as functional importance.

It’s not just the hair on our heads that keeps us warm in the winter and whisks sweat away in the summer, all of our body hair plays an important role. Eyebrow restoration can be just as much of a functional procedure as it can an aesthetic one. Full, healthy eyebrows exist in order to keep sweat and other dangerous particles out of our fragile eyeballs. Thin or disappearing eyebrows can leave your eyes in a vulnerable position.

Hair is a body’s natural armor. Hair loss restoration can give you back your fight!