Follicular Unit Transplantation provides best hair restoration solution

Boston, April 15, 2013 – DiStefano Hair Restoration Center ( uses Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) to create the best hair transplant. In its natural state, hair grows in follicular units of from one to four hairs. For the best hair transplant Boston, or anywhere else, transplanting the hair in natural follicular units provides the best hair restoration solution.

Before surgery, the doctor and patient determine where new hair growth should be transplanted for the best hair transplant result. Before surgery, the patient is given a topical anesthetic for a virtually painless procedure. During the surgery, the doctor makes a small incision where removes a strip of donor hair follicles. This strip (normally at the back of the head) is then sewn up, it heals and small scar is hidden by surrounding hair.

At this point, a team using microscopes divides the hair into natural looking follicular units of from one to four hairs. To assure the best hair restoration result, the surgeon uses a fine needle to create sites at the side, front and top of the head where the follicular units will be transplanted. He is careful not to put the sites too close together in a given procedure so that the transplants will take. In order to ensure that the transplant units remain viable (and to ensure the best hair restoration) a transplant team implants the follicular units to reduce the time it takes.

It takes about five to seven days for the transplant site to heal. After ten days, the surgeon removes the stitches at the donor area. From there on, the patient can care for their hair normally and expect all that people expect from great hair transplants.

DiStefano hair restoration, Boston

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