Five bad reasons for not choosing hair loss restoration

Reason 1: It costs too much.

The cost for a hair transplant is probably less than you think. Even so, hair transplants can be done in stages. There are also finance plans available that make getting great hair transplants more affordable.

Reason 2: It won’t look realistic.

It’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between someone with a great hair transplants and someone with a regular head of hair. This is especially true when you add the artistry of the individual hair restoration surgeon into the equation. A good hair restoration surgeon will work closely with you to determine the proper hairline (and hair follicle incision angles) for you particular scalp.

Reason 3: I worry that it will be painful.

Unlike the painful “hair plug” surgery of yesteryear, modern hair restoration surgery is done by relocating hair follicles from the back of the scalp to the front of the scalp using microsurgery. Extremely small incisions make for quick recovery with little to no pain.

Reason 4: I’m not sure it is safe.

Any surgery has infection and other risks. But, hair transplantation surgery with qualified hair restoration surgeon is done under local anesthesia, the incisions are small and recovery is quick so the risks are very minimal.

Reason 5: I’m not sure it is right for me.

This is actually the most reasonable question to ask. Hair restoration may indeed not be right for you. But the best way to determine that is to speak with a qualified hair restoration surgeon who can help you assess your options and reach the best conclusion. At DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers, our surgeons are here to do just that.