Fact vs. fiction and five myths regarding hair loss.

Hair loss has many causes. Unfortunately, there are also many myths about hair loss, hair loss restoration and other misinformation. To help uncover truths and partial truth and dispel inaccuracies, here is what we know about hair loss and hair loss restoration.

Myth #1: Trauma and stress can cause hair loss.

Trauma and stress can cause hair loss. However whether it grows back again is another matter. Those disposed to eventual baldness may accelerate permanent hair loss through stress or trauma. However, in those not disposed to hair loss, the hair will grow back.

Myth #2: Hair loss gets passed down from your Mother’s side of the family.

It’s true your Mom’s side of the family has hereditary factors that influence hair loss and your Mother’s genes are even slightly dominant when it comes to hair loss. But research shows that if your Father has male pattern baldness, you are more likely to experience it as well. Of course, the only permanent hair loss restoration comes from getting a good hair transplant.

Myth #3 Gels, mousse and hair sprays can contribute to hair loss.

It’s just not true. Gooping up your hair has no effect on hair loss. However, over-manipulating hair with curling irons and teasing can increase or accelerate baldness. (Refer to myth # 1).

Myth #4 Hats put a strain on hair causing it to fall out.

It’s just not true. Nor is shampooing too frequently or having dandruff. In fact, at DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers, we encourage patients to wear a hat on the way home after surgery.

Myth #5 Hair loss comes with aging

While it’s true that older men can experience hair loss, there are plenty of men in their 20s and 30s who experience hair loss. The younger you are when it starts, the more severe the final amount of hair loss is likely to be. Fortunately, hair loss restoration surgery offers a permanent cure for any health person.