Don’t fall victim to hair loss restoration scams.

Hair loss restoration researchers are pretty sure that when there is too much DHT hormone in the scalp, hair follicles shrink and hair falls out. They think it’s the cause of most baldness. The only way to restore or prevent hair loss is to block the effects of DHT, or get a hair transplant from a qualified hair restoration surgeon.

That doesn’t stop hundreds of scam artists from touting their creams, potions or lotions as the greatest invention for hair since the comb.

How do you spot a scam?

Most of the Hair loss restoration scams will give you some science. They may even mention DHT. What they rarely do is come out and say that their product will block DHT and prevent or restore hair loss. Take the Vinegar Scam for example. They talk about DHT and mention that “the Ancients” knew that vinegar was good for the hair and scalp. What they don’t do is say that vinegar will block DHT. Instead, they dance right up to the subject then dance away again — talking about how their vinegar treatment will clean the follicles and unclog the scalp. They never bring up DHT again.

There are so many hair loss restoration treatment scams out there that both the FTC and FDA have taken significant steps to stop these companies. The FTC alone has shut down more than 100 “baldness cures.”

How do you keep from falling victim to one of these scams?

Right now, you can get a hair transplant from a qualified hair restoration surgeon, there are laser treatments that promote hair growth, there is Propecia which is available by prescription (and only for men), and Minoxidil which is an over the counter medicine for men and women that is applied to the scalp.

Everything else is ineffective at best or an outright scam at worst. If you have any questions about hair loss treatments and their effectiveness you can always contact us for information from a qualified hair restoration surgeon at DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers. We’ll be happy to help.