Does Dry Shampoo Make Your Hair Fall Out?

Dry shampoos have exploded in popularity recently. Many women are using dry shampoo instead of washing their hair and it has raised questions on whether it can damage your hair or even make it fall out!

Let’s go over some facts about dry shampoo. First, it’s not really shampoo. Shampoo is used on wet hair and removes dirt, debris, skin particles and scalp oil. Dry shampoo is a powder that you put in your hair to absorb the oils. Your hair will look cleaner but it isn’t. You will still need to wash your hair, unfortunately.

While it doesn’t clean your hair, it still has its perks. Celebrity hair stylists have said that they use the product during photo shoots because it adds great body and texture to hair. It is important to remember that this is not a substitute to washing your hair. After two uses of dry shampoo, it is time to wash your hair with water. If you don’t, dry shampoo can build up in your hair follicles and cause thinning hair or hair loss.