Do Hair Extensions Cause Damage?

Whether it’s to add length, fullness, a bold pop of color, or any combination thereof, many women turn to hair extensions to improve the look of their locks. Yet some argue that hair extensions can be damaging to one’s natural hair and scalp. In fact, it’s a common question for anyone considering hair extensions. And, while the short answer is “no,” there are a few caveats to consider.

Here are a few important rules to follow to keep your natural hair as healthy as possible while caring for your hair extensions.

Understand Your Hair

Hair extensions applied properly by a qualified stylist should not damage your natural hair, but it’s important to understand the health of your hair and what you’re trying to achieve. Is your hair healthy and full and you just want to take your style in a new direction? Are you looking for a temporary solution to disguise an unfortunate hair cut? Or perhaps you’re trying to add fullness to thinning hair. Your stylist can help you determine the best way to go.

Choose an Experienced Hair Stylist

The process of adding hair extensions is quite involved and requires meticulous attention to detail, and several hours of work with specialized tools. Equally important is the removal process. The bond needs to be removed carefully to prevent damage to your natural hair.

Choose Quality Extensions

There are several types of air extensions with varying degrees of quality: human hair or synthetic, clip-on or fusion, and more. And in this instance, you certainly get what you pay for. Speak with your stylist about extension options and their relative advantages and drawbacks before deciding.

Proper Care is Important

Here are some basic care instructions to follow:

  • Keep your hair and scalp clean. Ask your stylist for product recommendations that work best for your extensions.
  • Gently brush your extensions about 4 times a day to prevent knotting and tangling.
  • Avoid chlorinated and saltwater as they can cause damage. If you decide to take a dip in the pool or ocean, rinse your hair with clean water immediately afterwards.

At DiStefano, we encourage you to take the best possible care of your hair. After all, you only get one set.