At DiStefano Hair Restoration Center, we guarantee patient satisfaction with all of our hair transplants. Approximately 92-95% of all the transplanted hair is expected to grow. If a patient, after completing an in person follow-up visit at 12 and or 15 months, is unsatisfied with his or her hair transplant we pledge to replace any graft that did not grow at no charge to the patient. We have less than two percent of patients each year who redeem this guarantee. The vast majority of patients are very pleased with the results.

This guarantee is only valid if the patient has followed the recommended full course of maintenance therapy options provided by the DMG staff. (Such as Finasteride, LaserCap, 82M/82F). Please note: using any type of  steroids, both legal and illegal will void this guarantee.

Christian G. Heinis, M.D.

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