Ditch the Hat

With autumn upon us, the holidays are just around the corner. It’s time to prepare for delicious meals, family time, gift giving, and…great hair transplants? There’s no better time to get or give a hair loss restoration treatment or procedure than in the fall! If you act soon, you may even have growth in time for New Year’s Eve!

Why is this the perfect time? A transplant that is properly done should start showing signs of growth about 12 weeks after the procedure. The colder months are a great time for hair loss restoration because the weather gives you options. You can hide your head with a hat if you aren’t particularly fond of your “in between” look, or you can take that hat right off your head when you walk indoors and show off your new growth! If your needs are better suited for low level laser therapy, or any maintenance procedure, your results should begin to show in the same timeframe. By the time summer 2016 rolls around, you’ll be able to stroll down the beach, sans hat, showing off your full head of hair.

Your brother who claims he’s got the best hair in the family…The one who makes fun of your shiny head every Christmas? He won’t know what to say when he sees your hair loss restoration growth this year! To learn more about beginning the hair loss restoration process, contact DiStefano Hair Restoration Center.