DiStefano vs. OthersChoosing a Hair Loss Restoration Doctor Should be Simple.

Getting a great hair transplant is a big decision, which makes choosing the right surgeon a daunting task. Many top hair transplant surgeons offer similar procedures and technologies, with similar accreditations and testimonials. So how do you set them apart? It’s the little things that matter. Here are three, seemingly small, yet powerful practices that set the DiStefano Center for hair loss restoration above other hair loss restoration centers.

    1. When you go into DiStefano Hair Restoration Center for your free consultation, you’ll be told the exact number of hair follicles that will be required to achieve your hair goals. The cost of a great hair transplant is derived directly from the count of follicles being transplanted, so any doctor who offers you prices without a follicle count may be being dishonest. At your consultation, you will receive a contract with the guaranteed number of follicles to be transplanted on the day of your procedure.


    1. DiStefano utilizes the benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma during his transplants. To ensure a higher success rate in follicle growth, your very own plasma and platelets from your blood are used. Successful follicle growth (after a procedure) is typically 90%, however when Platelet Rich Plasma is used, that rate increases to over 95%. Platelet Rich Plasma treatments usually cost around $1,200 per treatment, but DiStefano includes the use for free. The Center also guarantees a bonus treatment one month after your transplant if the transplant is greater than $7,000.


  1. At DiStefano, you’re given a 100% guarantee for replacement of any follicles that don’t result in growth after your procedure. This typically only occurs in 5% or less of patients, but you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered.

Honesty and transparency are key pillars of success at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center. Hair restoration surgery cost and procedure details should be laid out up front, ensuring transparency throughout the whole hair loss restoration process. DiStefano is an easy solution for your hair loss concerns.