DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers hire a new hair restoration surgeon

Boston, April 15, 2013 – DiStefano Hair Restoration Center (www.hairman.com) announces the hiring of hair restoration surgeon, Christian G. Heinis, MD. Prior to working as a hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Heinis has been serving as an emergency medical physician at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, MA. He will be working closely with hair restoration surgeon Mark DiStefano, MD using the best hair transplant techniques available.

“Dr. Heinis is a valuable addition to our Centers,” said Dr. DiStefano. “Achieving the best hair restoration requires flawless technique. But, it also requires a high level of artistry to make it look good. Dr. Heinis has a background in painting and drawing which serves him well.”

Dr. Heinis’ medical career began when he graduated from the Chicago Medical School and did his residency at Kings Country Hospital in the Suny Downstate Medical Center. Today, he is an assistant professor of emergency medicine at UMass Medical Center.

Working with Dr. DiStefano, Dr. Heinis will continue to refine hair transplant techniques and develop state-of-the art hair transplant techniques.

“As the originator of the Individual Graft Technique™ (IGT) Dr. DiStefano is a highly acclaimed hair restoration surgeon,” said Dr. Heinis. “I look forward to working with him.”

IGT hair transplant techniques are superior to other techniques of follicular unit extraction because of the unique instruments and special procedures that don’t dry out the hair follicle during removal. This allows the follicle to retain better viability which results in more follicles surviving transplantation.

About DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers

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