DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers offers New England hair guarantee.

The only hair restoration Boston guarantee.

Boston, June 6, 2013 – DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Center (www.hairman.com) is offering a hair restoration Boston guarantee. The guarantee is available to any male or female patient who undergoes a follicular unit transplant or an Individual Graft Technique (IGT™) hair restoration Boston. Currently, DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers offer their guarantee throughout New England and they are the only ones offering a hair restoration Boston guarantee.

“We believe the best hair restoration should have the best hair restoration guarantee,” said Steve Matteo, patient coordinator at DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers.

“Achieving the best hair restoration requires flawless technique and the best hair transplant surgeon,” Matteo explained. “We believe we have that and back it up with a hair restoration Boston guarantee. After a transplant, 92% to 95% of the transplanted follicles are expected to grow. In rare instances there are small patches where the hair may not have grown. It is these areas that the guarantee is meant to cover. To date, only about 2% of patients have taken advantage of the guarantee.

The guarantee, which is given in writing to every hair restoration patient, is signed by the surgeon. It promises that if after a 9 to 15 month follow up visit the patient is unsatisfied with the results of their hair loss restoration surgery, the surgeon will perform an additional session with at least 1000 new grafts at no charge to the patient. For more information visit www.hairman.com.

About DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers

For more than 18 years, DiStefano Hair Restoration Center has helped men and women regain a more youthful appearance through hair restoration using the latest surgical techniques. With locations in Worcester, MA; Warwick, RI; Bedford, NH; Newton, MA; and Rocky Hill, CT, DiStefano Restoration Centers offers excellent results to patients throughout New England. For more information, visit www.hairman.com.