DiStefano Can Give You Full, Bold Brows

Boston, October 12, 2015 — DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers (www.hairman.com) give you the opportunity to get perfectly sculpted brows.

A bold pair of perfectly sculpted eyebrows can make your eyes pop and give you a major confidence boost – not to mention bold brows protect your eyes better than thin, frail ones (you know, the whole purpose of eyebrows). Eyebrow restoration, or an eyebrow transplant, was originally intended for those who had completely lost their brows due to illness or injury. Now, many people with thinning or peaky eyebrows are utilizing this procedure to get the full brows that they’ve always wanted.

An eyebrow transplant, just like a great hair transplant, uses your own hair, creating an incredibly natural look. Fill in those gaps and regain your confidence in just one simple, single day procedure. Brow restoration utilizes follicular unit extraction and is almost painless. Head in to a DiStefano Center and consult with top hair transplant surgeons to find out if eyebrow restoration is the right choice for you. The bold eyebrow look is in, and it has never been easier to achieve.

For more information on eyebrow restoration, or to ask questions about your particular hair loss concerns, visit (www.hairman.com).

About DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers
For more than 20 years, DiStefano Hair Restoration Center has helped men and women regain a more youthful appearance through hair restoration using the latest surgical techniques. With locations in Worcester, MA; Warwick, RI; Bedford, NH; Wellesley, MA; and Rocky Hill, CT, DiStefano Restoration Centers offers excellent results to patients throughout New England. For more information, visit www.hairman.com.