Could medical micro pigmentation be right for you?

Medical micro pigmentation is a new procedure being offered by DiStefano Hair Loss Treatment Centers. Medical micro pigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes microscopic pigment injections just under the skin surface of the scalp to closely replicate hair follicles at the skin’s surface. One of the great things about medical micro pigmentation is its flexibility.

It can be used to create front, side and rear hairlines on people who are bald or partially bald. At DiStefano, we also routinely use medical micro pigmentation to cover hairless areas on patients suffering from Alopecia. For people who wear their hair closely cropped, medical micro pigmentation replicates the closely cropped natural hair follicles with amazing results. It also works very well to darken areas of the scalp under diffuse or thinning hair to make the area look thicker and fuller.

At DiStefano, we use a highly trained medical micro pigmentation specialist who performs the latest and most advanced procedure and uses only natural pigments. To get the right look, he custom crafts the pigments in varying shades, then places them in a cartridge. Five microscopic needles painlessly apply the five pigments in small dots that look just like the patient’s natural follicles. The look is refined by placing the follicle “dots” in a repeating pattern that matches the patient’s natural follicle placement.