Known as the Cultural Capital of Connecticut, New Haven is filled with theaters, production houses and museums ranging from the arts to science and rare books, and is home to several outdoor music festivals and Division I sports teams due to its proximity to several universities, including Yale and Quinnipiac. New Haven began the first tree-planting program in the country, giving it the additional nickname of “The Elm City.” Less than 40 minutes away is DiStefano Hair Restoration Center, for all of your hair treatment needs in Connecticut.

Everyone’s hair is different, and the same treatment won’t work on every patient. At your consultation, we will customize a plan designed to get the best results for your hair type, whether it is through a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Individual Graft Technique (IGT). Other services we offer include scar repair, low-level laser therapy and eyebrow restoration. Information about our entire service line will be available at your consultation. Dr. DiStefano & Dr. Heinis have over 9000 procedures and 60 combined years of service between them and will help you determine which procedure will have the best results for your hair.

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