Connecticut’s largest city, Bridgeport lies on the Long Island Sound and is known as the birthplace of the Frisbee, Subway restaurants and Connecticut’s only accredited zoo, the Beardsley Zoo. The city was also the winter home to the Barnum & Bailey circus in the 19th century. The population of 144,000 can enjoy shows and sporting events across the city, from concerts at Klein Memorial Auditorium to the Fairfield University men’s and women’s basketball teams at Webster Bank Arena.

45 minutes up the highway is DiStefano Hair Restoration Center in Rocky Hill, where all of our hair transplant procedures are performed by Dr. DiStefano Dr. Heinis. Our team has than 60 years of combined experience and 9000 hair transplants.

At your consultation, we will customize a treatment plan for you and your type of hair using one of our original and perfected techniques. Whether it is Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), Individual Graft Technique (IGT), or As Many As Possible (AMAP), we will decide on the treatment best suited to get you the best results in the fewest number of sessions. Because you will be awake for the procedure, the downtime is minimal!
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