Common myths about hair growth and hair loss

We are going to cover the most common hair growth and hair loss myths and find out the truth about each one.

Cutting hair promotes hair growth – You may have already heard but this is in fact a myth. Hair is a non-viable tissue so cutting it does not affect hair growth at all.

Scalp massages will help your hair grow faster – This is also a myth. Massaging your scalp too much can lead to hair loss!

Dandruff leads to hair loss – This is another popular misconception. People with dandruff will often scratch their scalp because it itches. The scratching is what causes hair to fall out, not the dandruff itself.

Using many kinds of shampoo will lead to hair loss – Our scalps do not become use to one kind of shampoo so try as many kinds as you want!

Hair loss does not affect women – Although it is not as common as men’s hair loss, women and young women can experience it.

Stress can make your hair fall out – This one actually has some merit! Traumatic stress can cause hair loss but don’t worry. It is only temporary. Once stress is reduced, hair will continue to grow as normal.

Washing hair with cold water will prevent baldness – Unfortunately, the temperature of water you wash your hair with has no effect on baldness prevention. Who likes cold showers anyways?

Using hair conditioner causes hair to fall out – This is another myth. Conditioner can help detangle hair and make it feel healthier but it does not stop growth.

Plucking one gray hair will make others grow – Hair turns gray when the cells stop producing pigment. Plucking one gray hair does not affect the other cells from producing pigment.

Wearing a hat too often can cause hair loss – Hair follicles get their oxygen from blood flowing through your scalp so wearing a hat won’t stop them from breathing. The only way hats can cause hair loss is if they are too tight or cause excessive friction on your head.

Direct sunlight causes hair loss – This is another popular myth. Your hair acts as a shield to protect your scalp from direct sunlight. Being in the sun too often will not cause hair loss.