Can lasers promote hair loss restoration?

Top hair transplant surgeons say the simple answer is yes. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been shown in studies to have a positive effect on hair growth. The laser light that is used is in a specific red spectrum wavelength.

No one knows precisely knows why or how LLLT works in hair loss restoration. The theory is that the red light excites cells which causes their energy level to rise. This may cause the epithelial cells to grow. According to top hair transplant surgeons there is some evidence that LLLT inhibits or reverses programmed cell death.

Studies show that LLLT works best when it is applied to the scalp for thirty minutes every other day for six to twelve months. Because LLLT is low in power it is called a “cold” laser. There is no pain or heat associated with it. One of the main benefits of LLLT is that there are no side effects as with many drugs or topical treatments.

DiStefano Hair Loss Restoration Centers offers LLLT to its patients in three ways. In office laser treatments are offered at our Worcester, MA and Warwick, RI offices. A more convenient method is to use a laser cap or laser comb which are available for purchased at any DiStefano office.

Top hair transplant surgeons say it’s important to start LLLT early when it comes to hair loss restoration to maximize the loss of hair and promote growth of existing hair.