Am I Stuck With My Genetics? Breaking Down the Causes for MPB

There are many elements of human anatomy that are unchangeable. From face shape to eye color, many traits are coded into DNA from birth. Does male pattern baldness fit into this category? It’s time to weed the myths out from the facts.

Old Wives Tales

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Many people believe that male pattern baldness is the mother’s fault. The truth is, although there is a key gene for baldness on the X (or female) chromosome, there are numerous genetic factors that go into male pattern baldness. In fact, men with bald fathers are more likely to have less hair density than men without bald fathers. So, it’s not fair to blame it all on mom!

The Real Cause of Male Pattern Baldness

There’s a reason that some men have full heads of hair well into their 70s and 80s while others find themselves balding in their 20s. Most commonly, hair loss is caused by a body’s sensitivity to androgens, which is a type of male sex hormone. This results in a reduction in the size of hair follicles, which produce shorter, finer strands over time, and then eventually stop producing hair altogether. Without a hair follicle transplant, this will eventually lead to baldness.

Guessing Game

Although androgen sensitivity has been zeroed in as one of the leading causes of male pattern baldness, the truth is that the jury is still out. In fact, researchers studying male pattern baldness at the University of Edinburgh currently believe there could be over 280 different genes involved in predicting whether men will go bald and potentially need hair loss restoration procedures. This means it may soon be possible to predict if men will have balding based on their genetics.

Balding and Male Health

It’s not just what men inherit genetically that determines balding; there are also health elements involved. Male pattern baldness has been linked to cases of heart disease, hypertension, and higher cholesterol. One study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine even found that men from 35 to 65 involved in the study had double the risk of hair loss if they had a blood pressure reading above 120 over 80 (the average reading). It’s clear that heart health and male pattern balding may be linked, but to what degree researchers are still unsure.

The causes of male pattern baldness are complicated, but luckily there are numerous solutions. If you are experiencing balding, then turn to the team at DiStefano Hair Restoration Center. We’ve been at the forefront of the hair transplantation industry for more than 20 years. Give us a call today at 508-756-4247.