All Your Eyebrow Restoration Concerns Resolved

Many popular trends come and go, but the bold eyebrow look appears to have staying power. Since the fad of razor thin brow lines faded out in the early 2000’s, bolder and fuller eyebrows have been on the rise. Many people even fill in their brows with pencil to create a more dramatic look. So how can you achieve this look and have it appear natural? Eyebrow restoration.

What is eyebrow restoration?
Eyebrow restoration is a surgical procedure that restores or customizes the appearance of your brows!

Why do people get eyebrow transplants?
Originally brow procedures were intended for those who had suffered injuries, illnesses, or genetic conditions that left them with thinning or damaged brows. Now, anyone desiring perfect eyebrows can receive the procedure.

Am I the right candidate?
The reason behind your brow hair loss will come into play when determining your treatment options. The hair above our eyes can become thin and brittle with age, or due to stress and fatigue. You will need to schedule an appointment with a top hair transplant surgeon to determine the reason behind your hair loss.

What does an eyebrow transplant entail?
Just like any great hair transplant for your head, a brow transplant generally utilizes follicular unit extraction. At DiStefano, our Brow Regenesis™ procedure can be done in a single day and is nearly painless.

If you’re interested in eyebrow restoration and have any questions at all, come in to talk to our surgeons and find out if a brow transplant is right for you.