All About The Brows

Eyebrows are unique to each face and we all know that they can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are super bushy, some are perfectly arched, and some blend into the dreaded unibrow. After staying out of the spotlight for many years, brows are suddenly receiving a lot of attention as well as a lot of alterations.

Top hair transplant surgeons have noticed that thick, bold brows have become a staple in the celebrity world and modeling industry and every day more and more people are striving to achieve this look. From waxing, coloring, penciling on, and even tattooing, people are trying everything to obtain a pair of luscious, perfectly shaped eyebrows. Constantly waxing and shaping is a hassle, while penciling isn’t permanent enough, and tattooing is too permanent… so what’s the solution? Eyebrow restoration.

The top hair transplant surgeons understand that bold brows are in, but they also understand the functionality of them. Eyebrows prevent sweat, and other debris from falling down into the eye socket, and they are also important to human communication and facial expressions.

Eyebrow restoration can give you the bold look you desire, while also providing all the essential functionality of eyebrow hair, unlike tattooing and penciling. Hair loss restoration for the eyebrows is so simple, it can be done in a single visit and is nearly painless. Your new brows will look natural and be the perfect color, because they’ll be made of your own hair.

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