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Medical Micro Pigmentation

Medical Micro Pigmentation

Medical micro pigmentation (also called scalp micro pigmentation) is a remarkable procedure that doesn’t replace hair. Instead, it closely mimics the hair follicles on a patient’s scalp at the point where they exit the skin. This non-invasive, painless procedure offers several solutions for both men and women experiencing hair loss.

Who it helps

At DiStefano, we routinely use medical micro pigmentation to treat men and women with all types of alopecia with varying levels of severity. Because it can be used to restore hairlines at the front, sides and rear of the scalp, scalp micro pigmentation is used on patients who are partially or fully bald and it yields incredible results, especially on those who keep their hair closely cropped. It can also be used on patients experiencing diffuse hair loss or thinning hair to darken the scalp which makes the remaining hair look thicker and fuller. Medical micro pigmentation is also an ideal choice to hide scars from injuries to the scalp or from previous hair transplant surgery. It can also be used to hide birthmarks.

How scalp micro pigmentation is performed

At DiStefano, our highly trained micro pigmentologist uses only the most advanced and latest techniques and he uses only natural pigments. It takes a total of five custom crafted colors to replicate a natural hair follicle on the typical patient. After the pigments are created, they’re placed in a cartridge and the colors are injected just under the skin simultaneously through five microscopic needles to create one “follicle.” By repeating this procedure in the same pattern as the patient’s natural follicles, the micro pigmentologist is able to achieve astonishing results.