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All Your Eyebrow Restoration Concerns Resolved

Many popular trends come and go, but the bold eyebrow look appears to have staying power. Since the fad of razor thin brow lines faded out in the early 2000’s, bolder and fuller eyebrows have been on the rise. Many people even fill in their brows with pencil to create a more dramatic look. So how can you achieve this look and have it appear natural? Eyebrow restoration.

What is eyebrow restoration?
Eyebrow restoration is a surgical...Read More »

The Quiz

If you’ve been on the fence about getting hair loss restoration…it’s time to climb over it. Take our quiz to see where you stand.

1. Are you insecure about your current hair appearance?
A great hair transplant can restore your luscious locks and youthful appearance. If you want to feel confident when you look in the mirror, hair loss restoration might be the right move for you.

2. Do you want to make a...Read More »

Not All Scalps Are Created Equal

If you suffer from early or premature male pattern baldness, perhaps you’ve spent some time doing your homework. You might have seen conflicting views surrounding hair transplants for young people and whether or not they’re a safe idea. While both sides argue valid points, our top hair transplant surgeons at DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers understand that everyone is an individual with unique hair needs. While a transplant might not be suitable for every young person,...Read More »

The Perks of Looking & Feeling Younger

Some experts claim that a great hair transplant can take 10+ years off of your appearance. While that number differs for everyone, it’s undeniable that hair loss restoration gives you a more youthful appearance. Below is a list of the age related advantages that a great hair transplant could yield for you.

1. A great hair transplant will bring back your youthful locks, which will boost your confidence level. When you have confidence, you’re more likely to...Read More »

Follicular Unit Extraction – Use IGT™ Instead of NeoGraft™

Everyone knows that follicular unit transplant is the best hair transplant method in the modern hair loss restoration community, but not everybody knows that the actual follicular unit extraction method matters.

When you get a follicular unit transplant, follicles are harvested from a piece of the scalp that is taken from the back of the head. There are several different methods and devices to extract these donor hairs. Many hair transplant surgeons utilize the NeoGraft™ technique however;...Read More »

Hassle Free Hair Loss Restoration

Getting a great hair transplant can change your life! Increased confidence and a more youthful appearance are only two of the many perks that come along with getting hair loss restoration…but what about all the questions that come with it too? Our top hair transplant surgeons have answered all of your most popular questions about getting procedures done at DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers.

How painful is it to get the best hair...Read More »

Start Your Hair Loss Restoration Early

If hair loss runs in your family, chances are that you’ve been dreading the day that it becomes noticeable. Perhaps your hair has already begun to thin and fall out. Maybe you’ve started the process of exploring your hair loss restoration options?

At DiStefano Hair Restoration Centers, we offer many opportunities including surgical and non-surgical treatments. While nothing can top a great hair transplant, some hair loss sufferers might not merit a surgical...Read More »

More Common and Less Noticeable: a Trend on the Rise

Everyone has seen those terrible hair loss restoration fixes – hideous hair pieces on night time sitcom stars and obvious plugs on the weatherman. Think Donald Trump. For a long time, people experiencing hair loss problems were hesitant to engage in any hair restoration processes, and rightfully so. Dated, indiscreet fixes resulted in painfully obvious comb overs. There was no way to get a transplant without the world knowing.

There’s good news if you’ve been wanting a...Read More »

If Not Now, When?

If you’ve been going back and forth for the last few months trying to decide if hair loss restoration is right for you…stop. There’s no time better than the present! Summer is the perfect time to make a change that will leave you feeling fresh and confident. Our top hair transplant surgeons have been working all summer so that people just like you will have the best hair restoration in time...Read More »

For Beauty and for….Protection?

As you watch your thinning hair spiral down the shower drain, do you ever wonder why it is there in the first place? Why do we grow long hair on our heads, and shorter hair above our eyes? It’s all about protecting the body.

Ask any top hair transplant surgeon and they can tell you why we went from being hairy all over to just having thick locks on the tops of our heads. It comes...Read More »

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