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Non-surgical hair loss restoration? Maybe…someday.

There’s more good news in the world of research when it comes to non-surgical hair loss restoration. For a few years now, scientists have know that dermal papilla cells on mice could be used to create new hair follicles on the rodents. When the same procedure...
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Could medical micro pigmentation be right for you?

Medical micro pigmentation is a new procedure being offered by DiStefano Hair Loss Treatment Centers. Medical micro pigmentation is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes microscopic pigment injections just under the skin surface of the scalp to closely replicate hair follicles at the skin’s surface. One of the...
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Five questions to ask your hair restoration surgeon.

When you commit to getting a hair transplant, you are putting one of your most prominent features—your scalp—in the hands of a hair restoration surgeon. It pays to do your homework, be thorough and ask the right questions. Any competent hair restoration surgeon...
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Years from now, will the best hair restoration come from a drug?

Right now, getting the best hair restoration from a can, or bottle, or pill is not possible. And while, Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine) offer some hair loss restoration in lotion and pill form, respectively, their success varies among patients. And, neither...
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Fact vs. fiction and five myths regarding hair loss.

Hair loss has many causes. Unfortunately, there are also many myths about hair loss, hair loss restoration and other misinformation. To help uncover truths and partial truth and dispel inaccuracies, here is what we know about hair loss and hair loss restoration.

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Getting the best hair transplant means understanding your hair loss.

Just how far has your hair loss progressed? For each individual it is a very subjective question. What you may not know is that there is actually a very objective approach to assessing hair loss progression. It’s called the Norwood Scale. Graded one through seven, the Norwood Scale...
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Robots and great hair transplants. Do they go together?

Robots are used for doing everything from painting cars on a manufacturing line to performing delicate arthroscopic surgeries. So why not use robots to get the best hair restoration?

You can certainly get great hair transplants from a physician who uses robotic assistance....
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After hair restoration surgery. What the best hair transplant doctor will tell you.

Hair restoration surgery is considered a minor procedure. But even if you get the best hair transplant, keep in mind that it is still surgery. It therefore requires a period of healing after the procedure. As even the best hair transplant doctor...
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Ultra-refined hair transplants.

When it comes to getting the best hair restoration, good things definitely come in small packages. Microsurgical procedures have made for hair restorations that are fuller, more natural and better looking. For the most natural look, a hair restoration surgeon typically grafts...
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Hair facts that even the best hair transplant doctors probably don’t know.

Amidst all the searching and research about finding the best hair transplant it’s nice to lighten up once in awhile. To that end. here are some incredible facts that even the best hair transplant doctors are probably not aware of. For example,...
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